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takes up the challenge of making the measurement of taste known throughout the world.
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Team Members

Pierre-Antoine BASTIAN


Electronics Engineer (ECE) and after 5 years of research in Neuroscience, oncologists came to me to create a device to measure taste sensitivity for their patients on cancer treatment who report this symptom very often. I then turned to a CNRS team to create with them a state-of-the-art electrogustometer. Excited by the positive feedback from the world of Research and Hospital on the first prototype, 2022 will be the year of the industrialization of the product to make it available to health professionals to advance knowledge on taste disorders and help in the care of patients who suffer from it.

Mathilde AVENATI


After a master's degree in the physiopathology of nutrition, and a graduate of HEC Paris, I worked for nearly 10 years in health communication. Understanding the challenges of research, exchanging with health professionals, making the sciences accessible, participating in bringing about projects and transforming them into success, that is what excites me every day. Entrepreneur at heart, I joined the exciting adventure of Hyperedge Instruments to participate in its development and transmit the science of taste and the taste of science!



Doctor in psychobiology and Agroparistech engineer, I have always been passionate about the link between food and health. I did my thesis at the University of Leeds (UK) on the role of food rewards (pleasure and motivation to eat) in weight loss and obesity. I was thus able to improve the tool for measuring food preferences and more implicit motivations (Leeds Food Preferences Questionnaire: LFPQ) and show its usefulness beyond an academic application. My project to develop an online application of this tool for researchers and health professionals came to fruition with the meeting of Pierre Antoine because the measures of taste and food pleasure are closely linked.

With the help of ...

Anthony DUBOIS

Specialized in health data interoperability

Paris, FR

Frédéric SIMON

Mechanical engineer

Paris, FR


Specialized in machine learning

Paris, FR

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