An innovative device

We have developed a device allowing to measure in a quantitative and qualitative way the taste sensitivity of a person and its evolution according to a disease or a dosage. The scientific method used is called electrogustometry, known since 1950, but never has such a powerful and modular device existed to date.


Electrogustometry involves electrically stimulating the surface of the tongue to trigger a sensation of taste. The stimulation uses a current of varying intensity, from 1.5 to 250 µA. The perception of a taste impression helps to affirm the integrity of the taste passages. The perceived impression is that of a metallic / sour taste. Used in different fields, electrogustometry makes it possible to study separately the different innervation territories of the oral and pharyngeal cavity. Electrical intensities lower than 100µA do not cause any nervous stimulation at the level of the trigeminal nerve, but only electrolysis of the saliva, therefore the appearance of a taste, which makes it possible not to confuse gustatory sensitivity with sensitive sensitivity.

The purpose of this measurement is to measure the lowest possible electrical intensity that will cause the appearance of the most subtle taste that a person is able to detect, much like sound in hearing tests. And by carrying out this test regularly, you will be able to follow the evolution of a person's taste sensitivity according to an illness or a drug dosage.


A medical
soon certified


  • A device designed to last
  • Accuracy to 0.1µA
  • Sterile and single-use consumables
  • Class IIa Medical Device Certified

Controlled from
a modular mobile application

An iOS and Android application
to control via Bluetooth
the connected device

  • Dedicated to healthcare professionals
  • Integration of automated measurement protocols
  • Less than 2 minutes for a measurement
  • Modular according to your needs

Health data
interoperable on an HDS host

A secure web platform
to follow the evolution of the
taste sensitivity of patients

  • HDS certified secure hosting
  • Health data in FHIR & OMOP format
  • A simplified interface
  • Evolution according to your needs

Device intended for researchers and healthcare professionals

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